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Heirloom Makeover: From Outmoded Ring to Timeless Demi-Parure

Our client approached us with a family heirloom ring with generational history. This ring held a special place in his heart, as it came from his grandfather's days in the jewelry industry and had been lovingly gifted to his wife. However, there was a problem – its dated and showy design didn't align with her personal style, and as a result, it had been relegated to the depths of her jewelry box, rarely seeing the light of day.

For her 50th birthday, he decided it was time to breathe new life into this precious piece of family history. His vision was clear: to repurpose the ring's materials and surprise his wife with a necklace and earring set that resonated with her individual tastes.

To make this vision a reality, we began with a heartfelt conversation. We delved into a discussion about her daily life, her preferences in jewelry, and took a look at some of her current favorite pieces. Armed with this insight, we began sketching designs that would incorporate the gemstones from the old ring.

Once our client had selected his favorite design, our master jeweler, Dave, took the reins. Employing meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to ethical sourcing, he hand-fabricated the settings using 18K Fairmined gold. He also integrated 18K Fairmined chain and findings, bringing together the best of new responsibly sourced materials with those reclaimed from the heirloom.

The end result is a necklace and earring set with elegant and timeless charm, perfectly suited for everyday wear. But the true magic was when our client surprised his wife with this exquisite birthday gift. Not only had her husband preserved a treasured family heirloom, but he had also transformed it into a stunning reflection of her own unique style.


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