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MJSA Design Challenge 2022

We had the honor of being selected to participate in this year's MJSA Design Challenge.

Each year, MJSA presents selected designers with a fictional story and beautiful gemstones, and from those elements each designer renders a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

This year’s challenge features a collection of responsibly sourced gemstones available from the project’s sponsor, Columbia Gem House in Vancouver, Washington. Columbia Gem House donated the gemstones to the participating designers. Click here to learn more about Columbia Gem House and the gemstones featured in this year's challenge.

The final pieces will be featured in a fundraising auction in November to support the Makers United program of Nest, a nonprofit supporting the responsible growth and creative engagement of the artisan and maker economy to build a world of great gender equity and economic inclusion.

"Persephone Rising" - the hinged bracelet Dave designed for the challenge

Based on the design brief, we looked to Greek jewelry and gold ornamentation as well as Greek mythology for inspiration. Read all about the design process here.

Learn more and vote for your favorite design.

The One-of-a-Kind Design Challenge Entries from 8 Different Independant Designer Makers

Bid in the benefit auction now through November 8!



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