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Designing a Unique Wedding Band for Your Heirloom Engagement Ring

What do you do when you adore your heirloom engagement ring but find it challenging to pair with a ready-made wedding band?

One of our clients faced this challenge with her marquise diamond engagement ring, so she contacted us about creating a custom wedding band.

She was very drawn to the lapidary work that features heavily in our designs, and was excited about the possibility of including her favorite color, purple, on the ring.

During our consultation with the couple, we delved into the meaningful symbols in their relationship, uncovering a heartwarming tale about a houseplant. When they moved in together, each of them had a struggling maidenhair fern. They combined them in the same pot, and to their delight, both plants thrived—a living metaphor for their union.

We presented her with sketches of various ring options to complement her marquise diamond ring. The design she ultimately chose showcases intricately carved purple jade in the shape of a maidenhair fern, with a crown of purple sapphire and diamond accent stones.

Are you intrigued by the idea of incorporating lapidary artistry into your wedding band? Take the first step by scheduling a complimentary Discovery Call to explore your unique project.


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