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Lapis Lazuli

This stone is legendary. It has been revered and used in jewelry and adornments since ancient times. Lapis lazuli is associated with royalty and is said to bring out your inner divine nature. Wear it to connect with your higher mind and intuition. 

Wind Element. Mohs 5-6

mother of pearl_edited.jpg

Mother of Pearl 

This stunning material, also called Nacre, forms the lining of certain shells and is composed of the same organic and inorganic composite that makes up pearls. Mother of Pearl is used to create calming energy and foster emotional balance. Wear this lustrous shell to reduce anxiety and promote compassion. 

Water Element. Mohs 3.5

ocean jasper_edited.jpg

Ocean Jasper

Formed underwater, this rare variety of jasper is from Madagascar. The unique patterns on each stone mean no two pieces look the same. Wear ocean jasper to promote happiness and balance. 

Earth Element. Mohs 6.5-7

black jade 2_edited.jpg

Black Jade

This variety of jade is known to protect the wearer from damaging forces. Wear black jade to find courage, face your shadow self, and fend off energy vampires. 

Earth Element. Mohs 6.5-7



Bloodstone embodies the strength and vitality of Earth Element. This green variety of Chalcedony is named for its speckled red pattern and has been used throughout history as a talisman for vitality and purification. Wear to dispel negative energies and build courage. Mohs 6.5-7


Purple Jade

Purple Jade evokes humor and helps you relax into the flow of life. Wear to discern what’s in alignment with your path and leave behind what isn’t. Mohs 6.5-7

Chrysacolla 1.jpg


Chrysocolla nourishes the Water Element. It governs the flow of energy and communication. This stone is the embodiment of gentle power. Wear to tap into your inner wisdom and compassionate strength. Mohs 2-4



Rhodonite promotes the energy of love and the path of generosity.
​Wear this bold pink hardstone to cultivate compassion and persist towards your highest aspirations of altruism. Mohs 5.5-6



Dumortierite harmonizes the Wind Element through its stabilizing effect on the mind. This stone enhances emotional intelligence, general mental balance, and willpower for learning. Wear to open the doors of insight and intuition. Mohs 7-8

Jade 2.jpg


Jade has a strong and steady Earth Element energy. Revered through history and across cultures for its healing gifts, Jade is said to attract abundance and prosperity. 

Wear to attract harmony and radiate lovingkindness. Mohs 6-7

Variquoise 2.jpg


Variquoise increases the flow of the Water Element. This composite of Variscite and Turquoise brings together the soothing and emotional strengthening properties of both of these calming stones. Wear to build self-love and acceptance. Mohs 4-5.

Luna Agate 2.jpg

Luna Agate

Luna Agate harmonizes the Wind Element with a slow and steady strengthening effect. Agate has a long history of use in talismans and is typically known for its stabilization of Earth Element. This variety of agate vibrates at a high frequency and builds connection with the moon. Wear for slow and steady progress, especially in spiritual pursuits. Mohs 7

Noreena Jasper

Noreena Jasper 1.jpg

Noreena Jasper stabilizes Earth Element by grounding excess Wind Energy. Jasper is used in talismans as a healing stone to bring balance and stability. Wear to build discipline and perseverance. Mohs 6.5-7

Tiger's Eye

Tiger Eye 2.jpg

Tiger's Eye sharpens the Fire Element. This phenomenal stone creates mental clarity and strengthens discernment. It assists with moving out of dualistic thinking by enabling one to simultaneously hold contradictory ideas with nonjudgmental acceptance. Wear to find balance and hone mental clarity. Mohs 7

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper (crocodile).jpg

Kambaba Jasper stabilizes the Earth Element. Sometimes called Crocodile Jasper, it is made of ancient fossilized colonies of blue-green algae interlaced with microcrystalline Quartz. The connection with the primordial origins of life has a deeply grounding effect. Wear for the calming influence on the mind and to promote inner peace. Mohs 6.5-7

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