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The Ocean Edit

Celebrate the spellbinding allure of deep waters.  


Vis Vitae

The life-giving force, the vitality that animates, the Great Mother - this is the power we honor with this limited edition collection.


Sigil Collection 

Summon the energy you desire

Mercurius Jewelry.Wonder Capsule Collection.Tumblers_edited.jpg


Inspired by the wonder found in moments, big or small, of awakening to the vibrancy of life. 



The treasures of generations past reborn in a collection of modern daily-wear jewelry.  We celebrate vintage chain styles, many long out of production, as the foundation for elegant earrings and pendants.  Each 14K Gold piece is one of a kind.

Luna Agate Cloak Ring. A Statement ring featuring Hexagon Cut Grey Spinel Bezel Set in Platinum by Mercurius Jewelry Ethical Fine

Metal + Stone

The malleable strength + timeless beauty of precious metals seamlessly united with the mesmerizing patterns + stunning variation of the mineral world.

Three gold bands by Mercurius Jewelry. Two have wood outside and one has wood inside with a brushed rose gold outside. Precious metal wedding bands with an organic component.

Metal + Wood

Mercurial metals meet the majestic solidity of wood in this timeless collection of beyond basic bands. 



Talismans carved in stone and adorned with gemstones selected for Elemental harmony. Fill these cauldrons with your heart's intent and your soul's desires. Wear your magic daily.


A capsule collection of materials from varying time spans creates something entirely new in the present moment.

Deep Time

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