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Statement of Values

Our commitment to responsible jewelry practices is a cornerstone of our business. This encompasses two interwoven focus areas:


1) Choices beneficial to the people throughout our supply and manufacturing chain; and

2) Choices with the least impact to our planet.

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People and Communities

To the greatest extent currently possible we source new materials through transparent supply chains, so that you can feel confident that your materials were produced in safe working conditions with fair compensation structures for miners and gemstone cutters.


We are a Fairmined Gold Licensee, which means the gold in your jewelry meets the highest standards of safety and empowerment for small-scale artisanal miners.


A portion of our profits support organizations that continue to move transparency and accountability forward in the industry, such as Ethical Metalsmiths and Gem Legacy.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, family structure, religion or background, in our hiring practices or in working with clients. 


We firmly support marriage equality and the LGBTQ+ community.  We actively work on being anti-racist as humans and as members of the jewelry community. 


We choose not to work with vendors who do not share these values.  Additionally, we support industry projects which promote these ideals.


Read more about the organizations that we support on our Community Care page.

Green Studio

High environmental standards include both our onsite manufacturing methods and ethical sourcing of materials.  This commitment governs every choice we make in our business, from gemstones to lightbulbs to packaging.

We have reduced the use of toxic chemicals in production as much as possible and developed versions of traditional methods of jewelry making with lower environmental impact.


We employ innovative recycling and reuse methodologies, and take measures to reduce emissions, water usage and energy usage.


Our studio is 100% solar powered and we are a Certified Green Business.  


Ethical Sourcing

All precious metals we use are Third Party Certified Recycled, Fairmined or recycled in-house.


The diamonds we use are Third Party Certified Recycled, lab-grown, or estate stones, and secondarily newly mined stones that we are able to trace to countries such as Canada, Russia, Botswana and Australia, which have a higher standard of oversight and regulation in addition to the minimum currently required by The Kimberley Process. 


Our colored gemstones are either estate stones or purchased from a select network of gem dealers committed to ethical and sustainable mining and manufacturing.

You can read more about our gemstone sourcing here.

A portion of profits support organizations such as Better Without Mercury and Mercury Free Mining who are working on improving the environmental impact of mining. 

Transparency, Communication and Community Support

We believe transparency is extremely important to increasing high standards for ethical and environmental responsibility in the jewelry industry. 


We are delighted to discuss all the details of our sourcing and manufacturing with our clients. 

We reinvest a portion of our profits to organizations working within the jewelry industry to address human rights, environmental protection, and equal access to opportunities. 


Look for the specific organizations your purchase will support on our Community Care page.  

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