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Should Our Wedding Bands Match?

We frequently hear this question when helping couples plan their wedding bands.

Two things we want you to know right away -

1) there are no “shoulds” when it comes to wedding bands and 2) our personal wedding bands don’t match!

Every couple does things differently when planning their bands. We may have gone with divergent designs for ourselves, but we love helping our clients find the perfect way to coordinate their bands.

Whether you want to fully match or share one common element, we can help you design a pair of wedding bands that’s just right for you!

We’ve put together a gallery of inspiration photos for you to see some of the possibilities.

Full Fledged Matching

No explanation necessary, these bands match! The width may vary but the designs are the same.

Shared Element

These rings share visible design elements in common, although the two rings are different.

Secret Shared Element

Sometimes a couple wants different style rings, but they still want to incorporate a shared element - even if they're the only ones who know! From L to R: a very subtle Chinese character in contrasting metals; this set shares an ocean element theme ocean between her octopus inspired ring and his Hokusai's wave; a turquoise insert on his band to coordinate with the inlay on the outside of his band.



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