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Fall Colors Full of Meaning

Noah knew that he wanted an incredibly unique ring made with some very specific materials. He wanted to reference his and his partner’s cultural heritages by using stones from their respective countries of origin. Happily, the color palette on these four stones worked beautifully with another theme he wanted to incorporate - her favorite season, Fall.

​He knew that due to ethical concerns, and her non-traditional style, she wouldn’t want a typical diamond center stone. He also shared some pictures of the jewelry she likes to wear.

​These were the directives we started with. He was very open to any input from us on design ideas.

We started by sketching out designs and sourcing a stunning antique cushion cut diamond. The older style of cut on the stone gives it a unique look and its post-consumer recycled

provenance means a light environmental and conflict-free footprint.

Noah reviewed the sketches and we met to finalize the elements of the design and show him the diamond in person. Once he decided on a design we got started with production.

​Another fun challenge for this project was sourcing Simetite, a rare type of Amber found on the beaches of Sicily. We waited weeks for a beautiful specimen to arrive from a collector in Italy. The other stones you see are Champagne Jade, Red Coral and Fire Opal.

Dave designed the ring digitally with CAD and it was 3D printed in wax for casting onsite. Once the ring was cast, he hand carved pieces of the four stones to fit precisely and snugly in place before setting the center stone.

The result, a TRULY ONE OF A KIND ring designed with love to perfectly suit the recipient! We were thrilled to see photos from his proposal at Red Rocks, a location right on theme with the color palette.



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