Bloodstone and Rhodolite Garnet Convertible Pendant

Bloodstone and Rhodolite Garnet Convertible Pendant


Rich red Rhodolite Garnet in a striking fancy cut tops this one-of-a-kind 18K Fairmined Gold pendant designed to celebrate the archetypal Great Mother.


There are two ways to wear this one-of-a-kind pendant, which features a secure clasp that allows you to wear the bezel-set gemstone with or without the lavalier.  The Rhodolite Garnet is a beautiful addition to your daily adornment - beautiful on its own and sized perfectly for necklace layering. Add the Bloodstone lavalier, with its archetypal iconography secreted on the back of the setting, for a bold statement piece.


Bloodstone embodies the strength and vitality of Earth Element and is worn to dispel negative energies and build courage.


This Rhodolite Garnet, mined in Tanzania and sourced from Moyo Gems, is fully traceable from Mine to Market. It is an Earth Element gemstone known for its gentle grounding energy to encourage emotional healing, spiritual support and physical security. This pendant embodies the grounding strength and steadiness of the Earth Element and the Great Mother.


A pendant for the quintessential caretaker - the embodiment of loving care for all life and land.


  • 18K Fairmined Yellow Gold
  • Rhodolite Garnet 2.2