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Explore Our Rock-Filled Vision Board

Last month in Tucson I probably held about 1000 rocks in order to select the relatively few that made it back to our home studio. A primary objective of the trip was sourcing rough materials for our hardstone forward signature collections.

The final selection of rocks I brought home from Tucson, ready to be packed into a very heavy suitcase.

Once home, we started slicing and polishing. It’s not always evident from the outside how these rocks will look on the inside, so the reveal is always an exciting moment.

This Australian rhodonite turned out to be an incredible shade of pink inside.

After we narrowed down our favorites, we took a big picture look at the overall combination of colors and patterns to streamline down to our final picks for a Spring capsule collection.

Next we laid everything out vision board style on paper. We mixed and matched the hardstone with gemstones - some newly sourced in Tucson and some from our gem library - as we determined which of our signature designs we'll create in each material.

Every rock and gemstone in this collection has an origin story that we can share with you.

For some we only have a rough overview - the country it came from and who we bought it from. For some we have very detailed sourcing info - right down to the name of the miner and every hand it passed through to get to us.

The next step in their story will be the transformation into one of a kind pieces in our collection.

We can’t wait to share the bold colors and incredible materials of our Spring capsule drop with you!

A truly stunning palette of natural hardstone materials coming soon in our Spring capsule collection.



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