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The Slow Jewelry Journey: What It Means When You Shop Small

You’re probably on this page because you support small business, you want to buy local, and you like the idea of “slow fashion”.

Thank You!

You likely already know that when you make these choices as a conscious consumer you support independent artists who reinvest in their communities. It makes a significant impact.

We want to share a little more about how your experience in shopping with a small independent jewelry business will be different from shopping big business or fast fashion.

Our jewelry is artisanally made one piece at a time in our home studio - we refer to this as "Small Batch Production". This means we have total control over the quality of our work and our production process. It also means that we produce a finite amount of jewelry each year.

When we release a new set of designs we typically only produce one of each piece to be photographed and listed online. Then, when you place an order, we reproduce that piece just for you! This is what we refer to as “Made to Order”.

This style of on demand production allows us to devote our time only to the pieces our clients are ready to take home. This also means our resources aren’t tied up in stock waiting for a buyer - and fluid resources are vital for a small business.

What it means for you as a jewelry collector (or gift giver) is that there will typically be a 3-4 week wait time between when you order the piece and when it ships. This is something to plan for when you decide to invest in a unique fine jewelry piece.

If your timeline is a bit tighter you can select from our “Ready to Ship” section, which features the selection of pieces that we do have on hand and ready to go. Typically we only have one of each of these waiting in stock.

To confirm the exact date something will ship you can reach out to us before you purchase using our contact form or the chat window on our website.



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