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The Deep Time Capsule Collection

Inspired by the way time seemed to suspend and move differently in the last year and a half, the nature of time became a frequent discussion topic around our home.

These discussions encouraged us to bring time as a theme into our work and reflect on how time manifests visually.

We see time in processes, we see time in change. We know time by witnessing its impact on life.

A blooming flower shows an unfolding season. A child’s growth indicates the passage of a year. A full grown tree represents decades of growth.

When you see a rock do you notice the passage of time?

To eyes trained on biological processes, a rock seems static. Yet they exist as the result of extremely long processes and cycles - measured on a scale known as Deep Time.

Smooth boulders indicate millions of years of rushing water. A natural gem or mineral may require billions of years of slow growth.

For this limited edition capsule collection we’ve brought together materials that represent varying time spans, to create something entirely new in the present moment.

Fossils that once were living creatures, stone pseudomorphs that demonstrate that even rocks are in motion, gems created through pressure or the movement of water. And even some materials - like pearls - that formed within a relatable span of only a few years.

The Deep Time Collection is a celebration of these materials and the processes that created them.

Invoke this unfathomable greatness with your own one of a kind piece.

The Deep Time Collection is Part of the "Fairmined 100 Challenge"

The Fairmined 100 challenge invites brands in the gold industry to strengthen their commitment to sustainability by including Fairmined metals in their collections to achieve the milestone of 100 Fairmined collections.

The campaign benefits small-scale miners, a sector that employs more than 20 million people worldwide.

Fairmined is an assurance label that guarantees a traceable origin to your gold jewelry, and a positive impact for the mining community.



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