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Summer Jewelry Reading List

Is your summer reading all lined up? Still looking for that captivating read you can enjoy in the sun?

If you like your books full of gems and jewelry we’ve got a summer reading list you'll love!

Aja Raden’s fantastic deep dive into precious gems and human culture explores our abiding fascination with nature’s rarest minerals.

The history, politics, geology and anthropology are explored with an engaging storytelling style. You’ll forget you’re reading non-fiction!

This in-depth look at the history of diamonds and the diamond trade is a must read for jewelry lovers.

Rachelle Bergstein’s conversational style makes reading this book feel like getting the inside scoop from your most informed friend.

You’ll have a totally different understanding and appreciation for these coveted gems after reading this book.

You might not want to take this gorgeous book to the beach, but the 101 single page explorations of famous gemstones and jewelry spanning centuries make perfect light reading while you sip some wine on the patio.

Stellene Volandes, editor at Town & Country, has drawn together an epic collection of treasures in a richly illustrated mini-coffee table book.

If fiction is more your style, take it way back this summer with Wilkie Collins’ novel about a stolen diamond.

Published in 1868, it is widely regarded as the first ever mystery novel. If you like your detective stories set in English manors, you’ll feel right at home as the story hits all the familiar beats.

You’ll probably identify the thief early on, and you might cringe through the colonial-centered POV, but it’s fun to see how the genre started and read the mystical descriptions of the book’s namesake.

This novel is a classic fun beach read that dips its feet into historic accuracy.

The central character is a jewelry historian with a writing assignment to research an epic collection of 16th and 17th Century jewelry. The jewelry described is real and author Kirsty Manning fills the book with well researched, but imagined, histories of how the pieces were created.

The writing is equal parts eye roll inducing and enticing, as the lead uncovers her own family’s connection to the jewels amid some requisite romance.

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