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Shining a Light on Responsible Sourcing: Introducing Our First Blockchain Traceable Jewelry Piece

Newly listed on our website is the latest addition to the Vis Vitae Collection, a convertible pendant inspired by the Goddess Iris and adorned with her symbols, including wings, the rainbow, and a water vessel.

This is a perfect talisman for “traveling between worlds”. Featuring stunning old stock Lapis Lazuli, a responsibly sourced Moyo Gems Zircon, and post-consumer recycled diamond meleé, all set in 18K Fairmined gold.

This piece also represents a special milestone for Mercurius Jewelry, as it’s the first jewelry item we've made with a materials journey recorded using blockchain technology. On the Provenance Proof platform you can view the entire journey of the zircon from the miner who discovered it right to this pendant.

"Thanks to Provenance Proof, Mercurius Jewelry is now able to capture and preserve the breathtaking story behind this stunning zircon, which was responsibly sourced and mined by Moyo Gems. With Provenance Proof’s secure and transparent platform, we’re helping ensure that the unique heritage and provenance of every precious stone and jewelry piece is recorded and easily accessible for future generations.” (@provenanceproof_official)

When this piece is purchased it will come with a statement of provenance, transfer of ownership will officially be recorded, and the blockchain certificate passed along with the jewelry. Contact us for inquiries.



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