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Ring Sizing

How do I figure out my ring size?

If you don’t know your ring size, you’re not alone. Very few of our clients show up with this information, and even fewer know where to start when it comes to a partner’s ring size.

We’re thrilled to unveil a convenient, accurate, and eco-friendly solution!

When we started looking into sizing methods for our non-local clients we were not satisfied with the available options.

Our commitment to reduce plastic use eliminates one of the most popular options on the market for sizing from home. We wanted a better way!

Luckily, this glaring need got stuck in Dave’s craw at about the same time a friend asked him to help run trials on a new laser cutter. Struck with inspiration, Dave set about testing and tweaking a new design until he got it just right.

Enter the eco-friendly wooden ring sizing card.

This baby fits in a regular envelope so we can send it to you through the mail. You can take the measure of every finger (and everyone in your family too!).

When you’re done, keep it in your jewelry box for next time or pass it to a friend!

If you’re ready to order a ring with us, submit your information and we’ll mail you a sizer card.

Need help figuring out a stealthy way to get someone else’s size? Contact us for some tips and strategies.


How to Size At Home

Because your finger can change size based on both internal and environmental factors, it’s a good idea to take your ring size multiple times in order to get the best fit.

Check the difference between the morning and evening. Try sizing when you’ve just exercised and when your hands are very cold.

The ring should feel snug, but not constricting. If you can shake it off over the knuckle, it’s too loose.

Our ring sizer includes full and half sizes, but we are also able to make quarter sizes or anything in between.

If you’re not sure that the fit is right let's set up a video call with you to see the sizer in action.


Finger Fit Factors & Ring Shapes

Have you ever thought about the shape of your fingers? Did you know that your finger bone isn’t actually round? It’s a trapezoid.

For some people, a round ring feels perfectly comfortable. For others, the “Finger Fit” shape, which is trapezoidal, feels better on the hand. If you have relatively large knuckles, it may be much easier to slide a Finger Fit ring on, and then it won’t feel loose when worn.

Dave designed a ring style we call the Orbital that combines the style and feel of a round ring with the ease of wear of the finger fit.

The Half Moon shape minimizes spinning and is especially ideal for large center stones.

The Hexagon ring has a very unique profile and allows for showcasing the minerals in our Windows ring designs.

When helping you select your perfect ring style, we’ll review these options with you and go over any special considerations for your particular hand shape, lifestyle, and preferred design style.

Our wooden ring sizer is available in Round, Finger Fit/Orbital, Half Moon, and Hexagon shapes, so that the ring you select will be sized perfectly.


Resizing Considerations

Did you know that having work done, including sizings, on your jewelry may void any warranty coverage?

We frequently get requests for ring sizing for new rings purchased from other jewelers or online retailers.

We’re happy to work on these, but we always recommend checking with the place of purchase first. They may include a free resizing. They might also have restrictions around a 3rd party jeweler (us, in this scenario) doing any work on the ring.

We never want you to lose your coverage on a ring because we worked on it!

If a ring (or other jewelry) you purchased from us needs resizing or repair we always want you to come to us first. Since we guarantee our work, there’s a good chance the repair you need will be covered. However, if you have another jeweler work on the piece first this will void our warranty.



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