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It’s Our Earth Day Post

Why is your jeweler writing about Earth Day? Great question!

Our passion for the principles celebrated on Earth Day and our passion for making jewelry are inseparable. When you buy jewelry from us you are part of a new and exciting movement in the jewelry industry to center conscious buying choices.

Our commitment to responsible jewelry practices is a cornerstone of our business.

This commitment governs every choice we make in producing your jewelry.

Every time you purchase jewelry from us you are a part of this work to actively improve conditions for people and the planet. Through our Community Care program we donate 10% of our profits to organizations working to protect people and the planet, especially within the jewelry industry.

One of the most important areas of environmental work in our industry is reducing (and hopefully eliminating) the use of mercury in gold mining. This toxic pollutant is harmful to miners, mining communities and the entire eco-system surrounding gold mines. Fortunately there is some great work being done to change the situation.

Read more about the organizations we support with ongoing donations on our Community Care page.


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