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Do you feel connected to your birthstone? I have to confess that I’ve never really established a relationship with mine (Ruby - July), but have developed a love for the March birthstone - Aquamarine. Both of our daughters were born in March and now my personal collection is full of this captivating crystal.

Aquamarine has a long history of use - it is even believed to have been one of the original stones on the breastplate of the high-priest in biblical times. Those twelve stones are the origin of the birthstone tradition we have today.

In spiritual use, Aquamarine is considered a stone for communication and associated with opening blocks at the throat chakra. It is considered a water element stone and believed to have a cooling, soothing effect on the heart.

Aquamarine is one of the gemstones in the Beryl species, which also includes Emerald and Morganite. What sets Aquamarine apart is a trace amount of iron that gives the dreamy sea-like color described in its name.

Beryls are found around the world, and an active deposit of Aquamarine is found in Pala, California. We highly recommend the dig at the Oceanview Gem Mine. When we visited in 2019 our March babies were thrilled to leave with handfuls of Aquamarine crystals they uncovered themselves!

If you own an Aquamarine you might notice that your jewelry doesn’t have quite the same sparkle, or even color, it once did. All jewelry needs regular care, maintenance and cleaning. But the Beryl family are especially notorious for getting quite dull without cleaning.

The dirt, oils, soap residues, and dust that build up around the stone need to be gently cleaned off. Simply use a toothbrush and an ammonia based cleaner to give your Aquamarine a scrub, rinse with water, and say hello to the sparkle!

You can also contact us to set up a complimentary deep cleaning. With jewelry worn daily, it’s ideal to have a deep cleaning on an annual basis.



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