Dumortierite and Mahenge Garnet Convertible Pendant

Dumortierite and Mahenge Garnet Convertible Pendant


A two in one convertible pendant, with detachable lavalier elegantly set in 18K Fairmined Gold, the Mahenge Garnet is a beautiful addition to your daily adornment - striking on its own and sized perfectly for necklace layering.


Wear this one-of-a-kind pendant, which features a secure hidden clasp mechanism, as a solitaire bezel-set gemstone or add the Dumortierite lavalier, with its archetypal iconography concealed on the back of the setting, for a bold statement piece.


Inspired by the deeply human quest to see the web of life and understand the play of time, the hidden iconography on the pendant celebrates the archetype of The Fates, the guardians of secret knowledge, the weavers of the great web with the ability to pierce the veil of time.

Dumortierite is used to harmonize the Wind Element through its stabilizing effect on the mind and elevated effect on the spirit.


This unusual and exquisite champagne Mahenge Garnet is a hybrid Garnet species of Pyrope, known for its gentle grounding energy, and Spessartine, renowned for potency in bringing our creative endeavors to life.  The artisanal fancy cut stone is lightly sprinkled with attractively unusual confetti-like inclusions, evocative of a universe suspended in time.  


It was mined in Tanzania and sourced from Moyo Gems, and is fully traceable from Mine to Market.